My passion for connecting people

is what led me here, but it’s the new experiences and opportunities that keep me driving forward, with the turn of every new year.

You can find me working full time at Google where I get the honor of planning world class events for one of the top brands in the world. Each day I’m so eager to attack the day, but not just as a professional event planner. I’m eager to meet my whole life with the same level of commitment and enthusiasm.

Whether it be my dedication to my job, my own self care and personal goals or the many hats I wear as a wife, mother, author - I believe we all have the ability to choose to manifest our perfect life.

Work Experience

You could say my career as en event planner started in College. I was known for throwing elaborate dinner parties and experimenting with new recipes, but that was really when I realized what I loved most was the ability to bring people together. To create memories and relationships that would last a lifetime.

Over a dozen years ago, I sat down and planned out my career trajectory after a meal of homemade pizza and salad fresh from my mom’s organic garden. I never take my dream job for granted, and am truly grateful to be able to work as an executive events and experiential marketing producer at Google.

I’ve been “creating my own serendipity” as my father and I like to quote, and this will never change.

interior designer

Raised by a mother who owned her own interior design business, Chameleon Interiors, I grew up visiting the SF Design Center showrooms in SF with my mom and helping her select fabrics and furniture from a young age. In 2016, I completed my Interior Design Certification from the Interior Design Institute. Since then, I have designed the interiors of hundreds of events in addition to personal projects.

Certified sommelier

In October, 2010 after hundreds of hours of rigorous of education, I received her certification from the Court Master Sommeliers. My passion for wine led me to author the popular wine lifestyle blog, Decantress and allowed me to contribute as a guest sommelier and wine writer to Which Winery, Wine Country Wedding Magazine, Love &, Sonoma Weddings, Wine Country Destination Races. In addition, I’ve also designed the wine list for the successful SF wine bar Noir Wine Bar for their 2013 launch.

Published Author

I’ve always been a passionate writer but my love for sharing experiences and inspiring others was the impetus to write The Art of Event Planning.  In my book, you will read about my signature processes for making truly memorable and inspiring events. Every year the bar for what is an extraordinary event is raised even higher, so crafting an impactful experience takes a special mix of strategy, thoughtful details, personalization, creative problem solving and project management. In the Art of Event Planning, Pro Tips from an Industry Insider I bring these concepts to light sharing details from events I’ve planned over my career and personal life.

My hope with my book is that it will help any planner, from the seasoned pro to anyone who has ever planned a personal event, to create the most memorable experiences possible leaving impact long after the final macaroon has been eaten. It’s the perfect addition to any event event planner or self-starter’s reading list.

life outside of work

When I’m not busy planning world class events or writing about ways that you can master the art of making your own memories, you can find me spending time at the park with my toddler son, Giacomo, exploring Napa wine country with my husband, Garrett, cooking dinner and entertaining friends and family, or unwinding with a good yoga class or a long run.

At the end of the day, nothing compares to the feeling I have when I am happily ensconced with Garrett and Giacomo. These two are the loves of my life and deliver laughter, delight and surprises without fail every day.