Simone Drucker

Gianna is an experience architect, and an artist. She understands that in order to achieve exceptional and impactful work, its not a short game - it’s a long one, encompassing all aspects of creativity and strategy which she has skillfully mastered.  

Her expertise sheds light on every aspect of events, from intimate details to larger experiential themes – but what’s best about Gianna is her ability to stay connected at a personal level throughout the process.

Gianna has a way of inspiring all those around her (both personally and professionally).  The insights she has to share will be extremely valuable for those willing to think this way, connected to their people and their purpose.

Anya Kuligina

Gianna is a master at beautifully crafted events that leave the attendee inspired and in awe.

She flawlessly manages complicated stakeholder relationships with her calm and positive demeanor to lead the way to one of a kind experiences.

Gianna is in the top 1% of both inspiring and get-things-done individuals, I have ever worked with.

Whitney Sales

Gianna has an ability to curate a polished environment that naturally invites people to open, connect and collaborate.

Whether it’s over a beautifully cooked meal at her home, or a first class business event, her attention to detail covers flawless aesthetics and coordination and moreover flows into the experience her guests and customers have with one another. She is a true experience designer.

Gunnar Counselman

Gianna is an absolute dynamo. From her wine and lifestyle brand Decantress to her day job at Google she's one of the few people I've known in my life whose superb talents have aligned perfectly with her passions, and ambitions to take event production to a new level.

She brings a dash of Hollywood's style and Napa's class to everything she does in Silicon Valley that can use a bit of each.

Anna Mongayt

Gianna is one of the most personally impressive people I know. She somehow balances a seriously big job at Google and being a dedicated mom with getting a sommelier license, blogging and authoring a book. And in her "spare time" - she runs marathons!

And I'm pretty sure she does it all in high heels. I can't wait to read this book to find out her secrets.

Lauren Austin

Working with Gianna on many projects over the past six years, it has been a pleasure to collaborate with someone so on top of her game.

Gianna is a professional problem solver and, when it comes to event planning, that's the most important skill there is. It's fun to work with a partner who is so passionate about the details - Gianna always pushes us to be our most creative and obsess over every little thing.

Amy Enright

Gianna is like a modern Martha Stewart meets Giada de Laurentiis. She knows how to do it all, from cooking beautiful meals for her family nightly to hosting virtually any type of event, all while somehow managing to make it all look so easy.

She is a master of accomplishing everything in life - being an engaged mom, a gracious host, and a boss woman in the corporate world, all while understanding how to make every person she engages with feel like they have her undivided attention and care.

I go to Gianna for everything - from wine tips to speaker recommendations, the best caterer for a high end dinner party or the perfect venue for a Napa retreat - she always has a recommendation and personal introduction at the ready.

Yasemin Denari

I worked with Gianna on the SXSW premiere and launch party for Moon Shot, a YouTube documentary series about the teams competing in the Google Lunar XPRIZE competition.

The series was created in partnership with JJ Abrams, Bad Robot, Epic Digital, XPRIZE, and Oscar winning director Orlando Von Einsiedel.

Gianna was instrumental in the planning and coordination of our successful launch events at SXSW. I really enjoyed working with her because of her attention to detail, her immaculate work ethic, and her elegance and poise under pressure.

Sam Hagen

Experiential Event Producers of Gianna’s caliber are a rare breed. And when it comes to producing 5 star experiences, it takes more than picking a menu, or managing guest registration.

Gianna’s innate ability to connect the dots between touch points, understand her attendees, and rationalize her business objectives is second to none.

The strategic foresight that it takes to create an experience in which all things are considered, and nothing is left to chance, is immense to say the least. And her steadfast belief that ‘nothing is ever perfect’, means that when the guests arrive, everything will be.

Ngoc Nguyen

I had the great pleasure of working with Gianna on “Moon Shot” — a documentary web series about the Google Lunar XPrize, the largest prize competition of all time.

Produced by JJ Abrahms, Bad Robot, and Google, there were certainly many ideas and logistics from different companies to juggle, but Gianna did it seamlessly. I worked hand in and with Gianna on every aspect of the “Moon Shot” World Premiere event and she was professional, intuitive and flawless in execution. She has a collaborative spirit, yet knows how and when to take leadership. 

She is creative and an outside the box thinker, yet her attention to detail is precise and well thought out. Navigating the nuances between entertainment and technology can sometimes be tricky, but Gianna speaks both languages fluently.

In a world where most people continue to do things just because that’s how they’ve been done in the past, Gianna’s priority is always to explore ways.